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Jared Chung Founder at BACKER
Boston, MA Nonprofit management Last updated Jan 25 '12 at 09:37

What is best is not necessarily what makes the most money. However, if you want to focus on compensation, then I would say that getting a degree in finance would likely give you a higher income straight out of college than a degree accounting, marketing, operations, or other business majors. That assumes that you are among the best performers in your class, and you get a job at a top-firm.

However, I must caution you to consider that you will likely have better performance if you are interested in the topic you're studying, so don't go into finance ONLY because it makes money. Go into a field because you find it interesting. If you want to learn more about finance, I might suggest a question like "What are the types of things you learn in a finance degree?" or "In layman's terms, what does finance really mean?"


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