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What are some of the career options that people can do at a company like Google?

I think Google is a really cool company, but I don't really know what people do there. I imagine they are "technology" related jobs, but what does it really entail, and what are the different options?

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Asked Dec 29 '11 at 22:13
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Joyce Hau
Last updated Nov 13 '13 at 08:12

A huge company like Google requires the skills of many, many different people. Google is primarily a software engineering company: we hire lots of engineers who build apps you use on the internet such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and of course Google search. So if you're interested in computer science and technology and want to become a software engineer, Google is a great place for you to work.

Apart from engineers, Googlers come from a lot of different backgrounds. We hires a lot of people in Sales, so people who work with clients who want to advertise on Google Ads. I work in Communications, where we're responsible for talking to the media on behalf of Google. There are also people who work in Marketing (who tell people about Google products through TV ads, print ads, events), Policy and Legal (lawyers who work with the government and other lawyers to protect Google), and many, many other positions. Basically, Google needs people with all sorts of different abilities and backgrounds, so just find something you're good at and be good at it!

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Santiago F.
Nov 13 '13 at 08:12

Thank you for your answer.

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Thureen Khan Software Development Engineer at Dell
Dallas/Fort Worth Area Technology Last updated Jan 28 '14 at 20:09

Google is Computer/internet company, but like any other large companies it has many other roles. You will be most likely familiar computer programmers who are most talked about in google. However, there is a whole structure of the organization that ranges from administrative assistants, program managers, and sales team.

Depending on your interest, you can probably see a position that will suit you in Google. I would suggest you go directly do the Google website to get information about their positions:


That said, I would let you know ahead of time getting into Google is hard! Their interviews can be challenging and they usually do hire the very best.


Julia Evans Programmer
Montreal, Canada Computer Software Last updated Feb 14 '14 at 18:50

I have a few friends who work at Google as programmers.

Some things they work on

  • making Google Chrome user profiles
  • collect statistics on how people use Chrome, and how to make it better
  • trying to find websites that distribute malware so that Google can warn people when visiting those websites


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