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active Apr 26 at 16:47

Is it better to spend more on your undergraduate or law school?

I am a senior in high school, and an intern at a law firm. I am applying to a variety of colleges, from Georgetown & Duke to CU Boulder & University of Nevada- Reno, trying to get a Political Science - Business double major. I need some advice from a professional in the field to help me when





active Mar 24 at 05:57

Hi, I'm a senior and I'm going into sociology after I graduate. I know there is quite a lot to do in the field, but is my choice of a career path seem....right?

I'm going to major in sociology, maybe minor in criminology and my plan after that is going on to law school. I've been told that it's odd I'm going into socio if I plan on going into law afterwards. At the same time I have met people who have gone to school for the same thing and have loved every m