How do you handle defending a person when you know that they did the crime?

I find it hard to defend a person when i know that they've done something wrong.

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The idea behind being a defense lawyer is to provide the best possible defense even if you know that the person who you are defending is guilty of a crime. It is the judge or jury's job to determine guilt or innocence, in the eyes of the law.

Honestly, if you have reservations about this then I would suggest not becoming a defense lawyer, because it is one of the job requirements.

There are still lots of other positions in the courtroom available if you are interested in becoming a lawyer.


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Sometimes lawyers who defend people who actually commited the crime, try to get their client to cut a deal with the police officers. Its an efficient way to protect moral values without betraying your case, client or the law. Lawyers like that, are hard to come by that care about the law and not just the money. I hope I helped answer your question.


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also u can write down wat the person did and if u saw it then u can testfied.

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Actually, I was under the impression that discussions with lawyers are subject to confidentiality guidelines which prevent lawyers from discussing the specifics of a case with others. There are exceptions. Full disclosure: I am not a lawyer, consult an expert regarding your rights.

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